Heuristic Play Basket

Heuristic Play Basket

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Natural Play New Zealand style.  Fishermen’s basket containing 14 natural items. 

Infants touch and feel the tactile natural items. Exceptional value -  this item sells for one third of the price of another one on the market and we are often told by Early Childhood teachers ours is much better! Our access to the craft materials we use in our manufacturing helps us put together a quality product with generous quantities.

All items are larger than a film canister so they are not a choking hazard for babies.

Sheepskin, Possum tail, Paua, Ring, Seagrass, Feathers, Kinky wool, Dosinia shell, Felt ball, Wooden blocks, Pumice, Pinecone, Driftwood, Cardboard tubing. Weight 1.3kg