Long Black Rooster Feathers Strung (Bundle)
Long Black Rooster Feathers Strung (Bundle)

Long Black Rooster Feathers Strung (Bundle)

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Strung long rooster feathers, 5-7 inches long (12cm - 17cm) Lengths are an average length with some longer and some shorter in each bundle - most feathers are 15 or 16cm long. On the bird this feather is naturally a dark green colour, the same colour as our Long Green Rooster Feathers Sewn on Band but we have had these ones dyed black. In dull light black is the predominant colour you will see but in bright light, especially under artificial lights, you still see the natural green sheen shining through. These are a gorgeous feather and top quality with a sturdy spine. As well as long they're wide and full - in the centre of the rachis (not the fluffy bit - the main feather above) they average 2.5cm wide. Perfect for Korowai weaving.

Each bundle contains approximately 600 feathers, strung together for ease of handling. Simply pluck out the feathers as you use them

All feathers treated and fine for export. Bundle weight is approximately 75 grams.

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