Hot glue gun for craft in New Zealand

Glue Gun Large (for 10mm sticks)

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Surebonder high temperature hot melt glue gun. After 45 years of making products using glues, this is the gun we give our outworkers to manufacture our products. 

A full size gun for crafts, floral and do-it-yourself projects. High temperature for better bonding to metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, magnet and all non porous material. The higher the temperature the better the bond. 40 watt.

Metal flip stand safely stores gun while in use and means you don’t have your glue gun melting the table or dripping glue on it.

As well as standard 10mm glue sticks this gun takes our amazing fabric glue sticks you can use instead of sewing.  And our wood and jewellery sticks.

Weight 325 grams.  See also our cool shot glue gun for young kids to use.