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Possum fur Cat toy

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Handmade in NZ from real possum fur – and your cat will smell it; they’d much rather play with real fur than an acrylic toy! Just try offering your cat a real mouse or a plastic one and see which one they choose! Possums are one of the last remaining animals in the world you’d be able to make a cat toy from – an absolute cat luxury at a very affordable price.

Move the toy on it's long elastic cord held on a stick; puss will chase it round and attack it. Toy is 10cm long, rubber bounce cord is 70cm long. 

Possums are an introduced pest destroying New Zealand’s forests – out of control as there are no natural predators of them in NZ – your purchase of this product supports New Zealand’s conservation effort. 

Check out the reviews below & this letter we received before putting the toy on our website:

Hello, I was in NZ earlier this year and purchased a Possum Fur Cat Toy at a little shop in Motuaka. Had I have known how much this would be loved by my two cats when I returned to London I would have bought a whole bunch! I have looked on your website but I cannot see them listed – is it possible to purchase any? I look forward to hearing from you.     Many thanks, Rebecca

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