Sheep Roadsign (2 sizes)

Sheep Roadsign (2 sizes)

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Sheep sign with suction cup to stick in the back of your car or campervan, or in the home or office.  Flexible plastic makes signs suitable for postage and travel. Quality plastic is used meaning the signs don't bow out of shape in the sunlight. Made in New Zealand.

This is New out for Sheep!! There's 6 times more sheep here than there are people. Sheep farming formed the basis of NZ's economy; our environment and climate are perfect for sheep. You won't have to drive very far in NZ to see one - or probably lots of them. Getting stuck in Sheep traffic jams can be a problem on rural roads shepherds use to move their flock between paddocks - but you'll probably be too busy laughing to worry about the time!

Available in  small (12cm x 12cm) or large (18cm x 18cm)

Roadsigns are also available in Kiwi,  Penguin and Rugby. Sheep is also available as a waterproof PVC sticker.