Bone pendant hei matau
Bone pendants made from beef bone. Maori designs
Bone pendant hook maori beef bone
Fish hook maori necklace
Bone Pendant Large Hei Matau (hook)
pendant hook made from bone
Maori carved bone pendant in Rotorua
carved maori necklace
maori necklace bone pendant

Bone Pendant Large Hei Matau (hook)

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Bone pendants hand carved from real beef bone. 4 different styles of hook.

Hei Matau (hook) symbolises strength and prosperity. Often worn by travellers as it is said to bring safety when travelling over water. Pendant is approx 5cm high and 3cm wide.

Black waxed thread cord with sliding knot to adjust length.

Available with or without woven jewellery pouch. Pouch makes a very nice gift presentation and safe storage. 

Weights; 11 grams, with pouch 20 grams

See also; Bone Pendants Small.

Final pic here shows all bone pendants, with Large on the top row and Small on the bottom.