brown toy sheep wool toy
Large Loopy Wool Sheep (brown)
Large Loopy Wool Sheep (brown)
Large Loopy Wool Sheep (brown)

Large Loopy Wool Sheep (brown)

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Possibly the nicest toy sheep you will ever buy, this “darling loopy” is the creme de la creme of toy sheep in the range. Made from pure, thick top wool from New Zealand sheep. The sewn body section is 25cm long, but the thick wool makes the sheep appear closer to 30cm long.

Natural brown wool (no dye-ing).

Has the tip over Baaaaaa – no batteries to go flat.

The wool has been spun and treated for export after being shorn from a real sheep, but hold it up to your nose and it still smells just like the real thing…..we don’t think you’ll get that with the acrylic sheep made overseas. As New Zealand as you can get. No real sheep were harmed in the making - they just had a haircut!

Child friendly with safety washer eyes.

Made in New Zealand (ofcourse!). See also Small Loopy Lamb (brown) – the miniature version.

Product weight 400gm.