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Sheepskin Sole Crochet Slippers
Crocheted Baby Slippers; NZ Wool.

Crocheted Baby Slippers; NZ Wool.

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Hand crocheted real wool slippers with New Zealand Sheepskin soles. Warm and very long lasting. One of the few types of slippers babies don't usually kick off! Fluffy sole feels like walking on air. Lovingly hand made in Rotorua by our talented crocheter using 100% NZ wool.

Unique natural New Zealand product at an incredible price, well below anything similar on the market today.

Three sizes - available in pink, blue or a natural uni-sex colour.  

Size 0 fits new born to approximately 6 months. 

Size 1-2 fits 3 months to 6 months (so buy this size for a newborn born in summer)

Size 3-4 fits 9 to 18 months.

Made in New Zealand (ofcourse). See also Adult Sizes