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Doll's Korowai

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Korowai for sale....for your doll. Inspired by the amazing response we have had to our human korowai (maori cloaks) we now present korowai for dolls! 

Great collector's item or early childhood resource. We can supply the dolls as pictured here, see Maori Dolls, or you can use your existing dolls. The Korowai is simply tied on, just like a real korowai would be.

2 sizes are available, both made from husky faux fur - the same faux we use to make our very realistic looking toy Kiwi. Korowai were traditionally made from Kiwi feathers, the resemblance is striking!

The long korowai has a row of our beautiful green pheasant feathers right around the top. 21cm wide x  15cm high.

The short has braid in traditional maori colours of red, black and white right around the top. 21cm wide x 9cm high.

Made in New Zealand. Weights; Large 32 grams, Small 19 grams.

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