Hessian Kete with Wool and Paua

Hessian Kete with Wool and Paua

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Hessian Sacking kete decorated with wool and paua.  Popular for jewellery storage and presentation – especially in the two small sizes.  Large size makes a great little carrying kete – suitable for papers or presentation  for larger gifts.  Feathers used have been imported into New Zealand after disinfectant treatment, fumigated and cleared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.  As New Zealand’s import restrictions are the strictest in the world this product can be safely sent or taken into any other country in the world.

Comes in Small (9cm x 6cm), Medium (11cm x 8cm) and Large (19cm x 20cm) sizes. We can make other sizes on request, just contact us with the size you'd like and how many and we can work out a price.

Made in New Zealand.

Also available with feather decoration instead of wool and paua.

Weights; Small 13gm, Medium 18gm, Large 48gm