Kete Pouch
Kete Pouch
Kete Pouch

Kete Pouch

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Kete pouch for storing and transporting jewellery and other small items. Also great for presenting gifts – use instead of gift wrapping for that natural look. 

Each pouch has a slightly larger bottom piece and the top piece slides inside it to act as the lid. They also make a great natural play item as kids slot them inside each other. Popular in early childhood education for seriation.

Choose from two sizes;

Small 6cm wide and 7cm long.

Large 6.5cm wide and 9cm long.

Those measurements are for the empty pouch fully closed, however it can extend up to nearly twice that length to store longer items.

Both sizes also available with Paua decoration, see Kete Pouch with Paua.

Needing to present or store larger items? See our small woven kete and our hessian kete. If they're still not large enough try our woven kete.