Men's Maro
Maro maori apron
Mens maro warrior kapa haka
Maro in roimata design
Marama mens apron or maro
Maori performer wearing maro and piupiu at Waitangi Treaty Grounds in New Zealand
Customised maro for kapa haka performance

Men's Maro

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Real Manhood cover – only covers the essential pieces at the front.  Usually worn with a G-string underneath. Great for Kapa Haka performance.  Maro is 35cm wide at the top and tapers to 20cm at the bottom. Height is 40cm top to bottom.  Cord is 85cm long on one side and 30cm on the other – so fits up to 150cm waist if required. Row of rooster feathers with eye-lash trim at the top.  One size fits all adults as cord can be tied at any length.  Fully lined and hand- washable.

Available in ‘Roimata’ (brown) or ‘Marama’ (cream).

Extra or different coloured feathers can also be added to customise (as in last pic) - please enquire if you're interested.

Feathers used have been imported into New Zealand after disinfectant treatment, fumigated and cleared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. As New Zealand’s import restrictions are the strictest in the world this product can be safely sent or taken into any other country in the world.


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