Wool offcuts from our manufacturing for craft in New Zealnd
Offcuts Woolpile
Offcuts Woolpile

Offcuts Woolpile

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Wool offcuts from our manufacturing. Comes in 40 x 30cm bag; you get a lot stuffed into the bag. Also from a sheep like our Offcuts Sheepskin but the difference is here the wool has been shorn from the sheep and put onto a roll – it looks like a big roll of carpet when we get it. We then cut out the bodies for our real wool toy sheep you can buy on this wesbite, see Sheep You Keep, and these are the pieces left over,

Great for crafts, collage, early childhood education (kids love the feel), pets and even insulation. The pieces are not usually large enough to make soles for babies slippers – see sheepskin slipper soles for those. All treated and fine for export. See also Possum pieces and Sheepkin pieces.  Faux fur offcuts are also available - these come in cream furbrown fur or grey fur.

Bag size is the same as in last photo of faux fur offcuts (ruler shown). Weight approx 300 grams.