Possum fur cuffs
Wrist Cuffs made from possum fur

Possum Cuffs

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Possum fur cuffs. Classy accessory, usually worn with a long sleeved top. Cuffs keep your hands warm without needing to have gloves on – great for typing and other activities where you need to keep your fingers free. By increasing blood circulation to the hands and wrist the possum fur keeps your hands warm without actually needing to cover them.  Elastic sewn inside the possum fur means one size fits all.

This is a great price for a pair of genuine possum fur cuffs.   

This quality product will last for years and keep you warm. Possum fur has a hollow core, resulting in natural double glazing. Incredibly light for the warmth it produces - in fact only the polar bear has warmer fur for it's weight. Unlike polar bear fur, possum fur is one of the only remaining 'guilt-free' furs in the world. Possums were introduced to New Zealand in 1837 from Australia and their population exploded, feeding on New Zealand native forests and wildlife in the absence of any natural predators. 

Every year the government spends millions of dollars trying to keep possum numbers down and limit their damage. Your purchase of this product supports New Zealand’s conservation effort.

All possum fur used has been treated and is fine for export. Made in New Zealand.

Weight; 30 grams