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Handmade in NZ from real possum fur – and your cat will smell it; they’d much rather play with real fur than an acrylic toy! Just try offering your cat a real mouse or a plastic one and see which one they choose! Possums are one of the last remaining animals in the world you’d be able to make a cat toy from – an absolute cat luxury at a very affordable price.

Move the toy on it's long elastic cord held on a stick; puss will chase it round and attack it. Toy is 10cm long, rubber bounce cord is 70cm long. 

Possums are an introduced pest destroying New Zealand’s forests – out of control as there are no natural predators of them in NZ – your purchase of this product supports New Zealand’s conservation effort. 

Check out the reviews below & this letter we received before putting the toy on our website:

Hello, I was in NZ earlier this year and purchased a Possum Fur Cat Toy at a little shop in Motuaka. Had I have known how much this would be loved by my two cats when I returned to London I would have bought a whole bunch! I have looked on your website but I cannot see them listed – is it possible to purchase any? I look forward to hearing from you.     Many thanks, Rebecca

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My cats love this more than any other toy we've purchased them

Picked it up at the airport on the way back to Australia and immediately wished I'd gotten more than 1 when I tried it with my cats. They all went crazy for it, they love the fact it is real fur (a novelty for them since they are indoor apartment cats). The toy itself is very good quality. I've had it for half a year and it's still completely intact, despite my 3 cats all going at it. The googly eyes add a sound effect to the toy which draws all the cats out when we start playing with it. The elastic has survived a lot of biting. Will definitely be getting more now that I can see we can order them online! One of my cats carries this toy around with her in her mouth, meowing at us until we start playing with it with her. Super cute!

Ziggy's best mate!

Ziggy loves his possum fur toy! Loves chasing it around the living room. The elastic make for some dynamic playtime.

Squeaks favourite

Our cat loves this toy. She chases it for days and even acts like she has caught a real possum. Ordering online was very easy and customer service was excellent . Highly recommend buying from rozcraft. Please support during these tough times

Kitty's favorite toy

My cat absolutely loves these things. She likes catnip and lasers and toy mice, but nothing comes close to a fresh possum toy. Must be something about the possum scent. The second we open one she'll come running in, grab it in her mouth, and then just sit there holding it in her mouth for like 45 minutes growling at anyone who tries to take it away. The stick/string make it good for chasing, it's just game over once she gets a grip of it because she won't let go.