Sheepskin soles for child and adult slippers
Sheepskin Slipper Soles/Innersoles  (not new born)

Sheepskin Slipper Soles/Innersoles (not new born)

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Sheepskin soles for babies, child’s and adults slipper making. Also used as innersoles - simply put them inside your existing shoes or slippers.

This listing includes all sizes except the newborn.

Measurement is to the very edge (top to bottom). Unlike the newborn these sizes do not have holes EXCEPT Adult Size 5H and Child Size 4H which do have holes - the rest you’ll need to attach thread with a needle. We use wax thread then we attach our wool to that. 

See also Sheepskin Innersoles and Sheepskin offcuts (sheepskin offcuts are not large enough for soles). 

Sold as a pair.

Weight guide; Size 1; 20 grams   Size 6; 30 grams Adult 1; 55grams  Adult 12; 110 grams