Sheepskin soles for child and adult slippers
Sheepskin Slipper Soles (not new born)

Sheepskin Slipper Soles (not new born)

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Larger sole sizes for babies, child’s and adults slipper making. Measurement is to the very edge (top to bottom). No holes in these sizes – only the new borns have holes. You’ll need to attach thread with a needle. We use wax thread, then we attach our wool to that.

Babies, Childrens and Adults sizes. Select from the drop down menu. Sold as a pair.

See also Sheepskin Innersoles and Sheepskin offcuts (sheepskin offcuts are not large enough for soles)

Weight guide; Size 1; 20 grams   Size 6; 30 grams Adult 1; 55grams  Adult 12; 110 grams