Kiwi magnet with flag small

Tiny Kiwi Magnet with Flag

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3cm high tiny kiwi on magnet holding tiny NZ flag. Kiwi comes in beige and dark brown colour.

This has been one of our best selling products for over 20 years, a classic NZ Souvenir. Each kiwi is individually made by hand in New Zealand yet selling for the price you'd expect to pay for something mass produced in a factory overseas. 

Dark brown kiwi has yellow feet and beak. Beige Kiwi has brown feet and beak. Both have wobbly eyes and are super cute. You can select how many of each you would like or chose assorted and we will send an even mix.

Strong round 15mm diameter fridge magnet is attached to the back.

New Zealand flag is attached to a tiny wooden pole and glued on to the kiwi.

Weight 7 grams.  Made in New Zealand. See also the 6cm Kiwi Magnet with NZ Flag.