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Wool Spun Sheep (Pin Cushion)
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Wool Spun Sheep (Pin Cushion)

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Made from real wool shorn from a real NZ sheep. The wool is spun around the sheep's body and felted in to place.  Designed for use as a pin cushion or as a small soft toy sheep ornament. The lanolin in the sheep’s wool means your pins won’t rust.

We have 3 options for this popular little sheep; 2 that are 10cm long and one that is a tiny 5cm long.

The 10cm sheep is available with either the wool face or the pipe cleaner face. The wool face is the most popular and more detailed looking, but there are lots of people who like the simplicity of the black face made from pipe cleaners and matching the legs.

The 5cm sheep is only available with the black face. The smallest sheep we have ever made!

All 3 sheep have black pipecleaner legs and are handmade in New Zealand.